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I don't know if I have sleep apnea or not, but I think I might have a problem. Ever since I can remember, I've always been tired in the morning. I'm not exhausted or anything, but even if I sleep 9 hours a day, I still feel a little tired. I don't snore, but I did have braces as a kid, and I may not be so dedicated to wearing my retainer, haha, and for the life of me, I can never sleep on my back. I know its better for your body or something, but even if I try to sleep on my back, in the morning, I wake up on my side or, more often, on my stomach. Also, my limbs are always cold, no matter how warmly I dress, my fingers and toes are like ice and my bp's kind of low. I mean, I'm a tiny person, only 5'2, so I figured that was the reason, but I'm tired all the time and its starting to affect my work. I know I'm a college student and that contributes to my fatigue, but I'm tired of being sleepy all the time. Is this sleep apnea? Is there any thing I can do to fix it? I'd prefer to avoid surgery, I'm a poor college kid, I don't really have the time or money, but is there some way I can adjust my sleeping habits or something to fix this?

   Sorry to hear about your problems. First off, sleep apnea is worse on your back, so side or stomach is better. Some people sew a pocket into the back of their PJ's and put a tennis ball in there to keep them off their backs. So don't force the issue. A sleep study and CPAP may be your best bet, but if you have no insurance it can be expensive, unless your college has a respiratory program, they might do one for free.
 Otherwise all I can say is to practice good sleep hygiene

good luck  

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