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Hi Dave
My new res med machine with a himidifer works good, BUT, and its probably just me, the scent of the air water mix smells just slightly didagreeable. I took it to the store and it checked out fine. I am using a clean filter and the best water.
Question: Can I put a few drops of scent in the water? The people at the store didnt know and havent gotten back to me. I was thinking something natural like a rose petal or something. Thanks!

Bud:  I tend to stay away from placing additives into the humidifier reservoir.  What I suggest is that you submerge the humidifier reservoir in a bucket of a 50/50 white vinegar to water solution in the morning and then let it sit for the day.  Rinse it out later that night, run it as usual, and then see what you think the following morning.  I've done this on a weekly basis and found that it gets rid of the "stale" odor that can sometimes develop...

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I'm proud to have built a comprehensive sleep disorders center in Chicago during the '80s and to then go on and build the first hospital based home sleep testing (HST) program in the country. I now own and operate Sleep Case Management, a Division of DRW&Associates Inc, providing sleep disorders case management services to physicians and their patients in northern IL along with providing home sleep testing and arrangements for in-lab sleep testing.

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