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I have Sleep Statistics of Time in Bed 444.5, Total Sleep Time 224.5, Stage 1, 1117.0 min. Stage 2, 137.4 min,, Slow Wave 0.0 min, Stage REM 0.0 min.  Total A + H 227 or 53.5.  Sum of all arousals 213. Should I be worried?

Jackie:  given you appear to have an apnea-hypopnea index (the sum of all respiratory events that interfered with your sleep and/or resulted in heart rate change or drop in blood oxygen level) of 53.5, this is reason enough for you to seek treatment.  Add to that the lack of reported REM time on your study and you thus may have a higher AHI than reported.  This is because obstructive sleep apnea occurs more frequently when one is in REM.

Should you worry?  You should if you do not plan on seeking treatment for this condition.  But if you are going to try CPAP therapy or oral appliance therapy on a timely basis, the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor that you have little if anything to worry about in regards to these findings.  Bear in mind that a simple summation of the results of your sleep study is very limiting so I cannot comment on whatever else might be going on.

Take a deep breath, call your treating physician, and have a frank and honest conversation about what options are open to you and what if anything your physician may wish to recommend.  Ask around within your social circle about who may have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and would be willing to share their experience with you.  And surf the net for OSA support groups where you will find that folks are eager to share with you.  Above all, become an educated consumer before you decide what to do!

Hope this helps!  Let me know if I may be of further assistance...

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