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When I got my first sleep apnea machine, the setting was 10. A couple years later I felt it was too strong and had it lowered to 9.
I recently got a new machine, and after home testing, it was set at 10. Since Xmas I have felt that the pressure has become progressively weaker.
In looking back, during the period of  the first change, I had gained weight and gotten out of shape. This time around, sine Xmas, I am losing weight and exercising. Could it be that since my lungs are stronger and I am fitter, I need more air? Does a persons fitness level change the settings, or should it be the same no matter what?

Bud:  overall fitness and especially weight can have an effect on a person's therapeutic pressure needs.  But in the long run, the person's subjective feeling of CPAP pressure levels is just that: subjective.  If you have any doubts about the suitability of your CPAP therapy or the function of the CPAP unit itself, bring the first concern to the attention of your physician and the latter concern to the attention of the DME that provides your CPAP equipment.  The most important questions you should be asking is whether or not you are heard snoring while on CPAP and whether or not you are feeling tired during the day.  If the answer is yes to either one, I would suggest you have a re-titration to establish correct therapeutic pressure for your therapy.

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