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I stayed overnight at a sleep center to be tested for sleep apnea and narcolepsy.  I was told I had neither.  However the doctor did mention I had a few episodes where I stopped breathing and one of those times was for 58 seconds!!  Obviously how is that possible without being indicative of sleep apnea.  I wake up with massive headaches everyday, I sometimes snore loudly.  I was thinking of requesting another test.  Let me know your thoughts on the "58" seconds though - it is baffling to me.
I posed this to Dave as well but wanted to get your thoughts
Thank you for your time

Karen, Wile I must admit that 58 seconds is a long time, Apnea is determined more by the number of episodes rather than the length of a few. 15 episodes an hour in the minimum. You very well may be just on the cusp of what is needed to be diagnosed as Sleep Apnea. I would talk to your doctor about this. You may be able to receive treatment for other symptoms such as high blood pressure. You may also try not sleeping on your back, where apnea is most common. Some people sew a pocket on the back of a t-shirt and place a tennis ball in it to keep them from turn onto their back. I hope this help. Good Luck!  

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