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My daughter has sleep apnea. She recently (april) got her CPAP machine. The problem is that when she first puts it on at night she coughs and gags. Sometimes she even throws up. When that happens I tell her not to use it for that particular night. I don't see how it can do a lot of good if it causes you to throw up. So anyway, the only thing I can think of would be the big 'whoosh' of air when she first puts it on at night. But other than that, I don't have any clues. the Dr gave her more sleeping pills other than what she was on and that just made her so drowsy she couldn't walk during the day. So I took her off of those.
Do you have any ideas?

Hi Joyce,

 It is very difficult to breath through your mouth with a CPAP, Is your daughter breathing through her nose? She should be. But the most important thing is to use the ramp function on the CPAP this will slowly increase the pressure to the prescribed pressure over a period of time, hopefully giving her time to fall asleep. Be sure she has the mask on before she turns on the machine too, these machines are designed to maintain the pressure even if there is a leak, so not having the mask on creates a huge leak and therefore that big rush of air. If there is anymore I can do, please let me know. It would help to know the type of machine and mask she is using. Good Luck!  

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