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hi michael, im only getting 5 hours of sleep on my bipap machine. i know my machine needs adjusting and i have an appointment with my sleep doctor very soon. can you give any advice on what to do as far as getting more sleep on my bipap. also, i have lost 80 pounds since first starting the machine. i would very much appreciate your help. thanks.

Hi Christopher,

 It is not that unusual to get less sleep with a CPAP/BiPAP machine because you should be getting a deeper than normal sleep. But that being said, the weight loss (Congrats) will change your required settings, so you are right there. Are you only able to sleep 5 hours total or only 5 hours with the mask on? If you are just getting 5 hours with the mask and a few hours without it, that's fine. But if you are only getting 5 hours total you might need to try something else. A few tricks I learned is going to sleep without the mask, (I don't sleep long without it) and after a few hours I wake up and then spent the rest of the night wearing it. You could try getting a new mask, they do wear out after time, Be sure all the filters are clean, etc. Try and keep good sleep hygiene.

         Good luck and It hope this helps....Mike

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