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Sleep Disorders/Involuntary Noises When Sleeping


elzlord wrote at 2011-07-17 15:26:00
There may be another answer as I have this also.  A little known throat problem involves the nerves and may possibly come from a form of herpes virus.  It can paralyze a vocal cord.  Symptoms include sounding out of breath or hoarse and choking when you first take a drink of water.  My problem was solved through surgery with a small implant that pushes my vocal cords together supporting the one vocal cord that is paralyzed.  I continue to make the "humm" sound usually just as I am falling asleep.  It has to do with the relaxing of the vocal cords and is aggravated by being over weight.  When I lost weight it went away and when I regained it, it returned.  Consult an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist.

livehope wrote at 2013-02-05 04:05:41
Hi, I am having  this EXACT problem of involuntary noises at the

time i am falling asleep. I also try to characterize the sounds and said the same vocal voices like "uh" and more like "hmmmmm" Please can you put me in touch with the person as I need to know what this is we have. It is EXACTLY what I am dealing with now and have no idea what it is and how to stop it.

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