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Hi. About once or twice a year, usually around when I am recovering from illness or sometimes no apparent reason, I wake up in the night in a complete state of panic. I've looked up about night terrors and although some things sound familiar, I never thrash around and always remember the next morning.
It feels like I am completely awake and I know my panic is irrational which makes it so frustrating that I cannot calm down. It's hard to explain but I wake up and the panic builds up inside me and loads of random thoughts pass through my head usually involving numbers in some way which really upsets me for some unknown reason! The more I try to ignore it the worse it gets, usually I just have to get up and walk around the house for a bit and read a magazine and wait for it to go so that I can go back to sleep.
This doesn't affect me much as it is pretty rare, im just curious as to whether this is classified as a night terror and why it is I have such muddled panicked episodes yet am fully aware of them.
I am a 18 year old student just FYI

Yes it is sort of a night terror.  I suggest l5 minutes before bedtime you drink a glass of warm heated milk. mILK when heated contains tryptophan that will make you sleep deeper. 3 hours before bedtime stay away from alcohol, chocolate, caramel colored soda coke pepsi, ginger .all this make for restless sleep. go to click on night terrors. feel free to email again Karel

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