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Sleep Disorders/Wierd, scary dreams.


Recently I have been having horrifying dreams that scare me and cause me to not be able to sleep properly. It started a few months ago when I was camping, I think I had some sort of sleep paralysis but it was kind of different to how most people describe it. I had a dream where I was in a room and suddenly a wolf jumped on my as it was jumping towards me I woke up and couldn't move but felt a wolf's paw pressing down on my chest and I could feel it biting my neck, yet I could not see it, I was led on my back staring straight up at the roof and could not move my eyes but I could feel the wolf beside me. Finally I concentrated on the fact it wasn't real and tried to move my fingers, it felt like a few minutes but I managed to move one and the whole paralysis stopped, but afterwards I could still feel the pain on my neck and couldn't sleep. This type of extreme dreaming has never happened again but since then I have had horrible dreams that scare me and stop me sleeping, it is like I create horror films in my head that seem to last for hours, one I had just last night was I was looking after a girl in a house and went upstairs and there was a demonic girl with a dead baby hanging out of her stomach who was trying to kill us and torment the girl I was looking after, I got the notion that if all the lights where on downstairs she could not come downstairs but she did anyway, I cant remember it completely but there was a bit where I was calling the police for help and smashing this demon girls head against a wall, and the phone started flashing saying something along the lines of haha the police aren't coming. Others I have had have been similar such as one where I was at a party and got locked in a room with this guy who tried to make me perform sexual acts and I didn't want to but he made me and then his body was covered in a disgusting vomit substance, and then everybody was screaming and like the other one before I can't really remember what happened in the middle of the dream, but at the end I was climbing across a sewer pipe in some woods and there was a tower at the end made out of dead bodies. These dreams are frequent and I am struggling to sleep, becoming scared and paranoid, is there any way I can prevent these dreams?
Also sorry this is ridiculously long.

What you describe is sleep paralysis accompanied by hypnangogic hallucinations.  Which if happens a few times is normal phenomenon.  When it happens often and affects your wakeful hours, then it is wise to visit a sleep center and have ones sleep evaluated.  If it is so bad usually after testing antidepressants are given in baby doses which hold back ones dreaming, but even then it is imperative to dream and so the dream breaks thru .  For now follow these tips and see if they lesson. If not then you need to contact a sleep center. Your local hospital can refer you.  3 hours before bedt ime stay away from caffeine, caramel colored soda like coke and pepsi, gingerale., exercise, chocolate and alc ohol.  All these make for restless sleep.  30 minutes before bedtime take a hot bath.  Place your palms of your hand upright and place under the tub water. Latest research is the palms signal the brain to relax and get ready for bed.  15 minutes before bedtime drink a glass of plain warm milk. Milk when heated contains tryptophan a natural amino acid sleep inducer.  Try deep breathing techniques before bedtime. If after 6 to 8 weeks this does not lesson you definitely need to get your sleep evaluated as well as seek psychological help .I think sometimes just knowing that this is normal and can happen from time to time may help alleviate your fears.  feelf ree to email again, Karel.  PS. If you are hearing voices in your head then I would seek psychological help sooner.  You can also try some soft music to go to sleep but set the timer so that it goes off in an hour or so.  Music with no words, like dentist music I call it.  

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