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Sleep Disorders/Pulse in organs cause insomnia


What I experience very often is:
I go to bed half an hour before midnight, sleep 3-4 hours and wake up. Go to the bathroom, drink a mouthfull of water lay down again, trying to sleep.
But now it is as if my organs; heart, stomach etc. sort of SETTLE in a position in which a quite annoying pulse is sensed all the time either in the breast cavity, around the heart - or round the upper part of the stomach. And once this start, my body all too often refuses to slide down in sleeping mode again. I also feel quite "electric" in the chest, urine production goes up, heart beats "hard", sleep is far away. Between 4 and 6-7 as it might be, I DO get one or two (all too short) periods of deep sleep, but the pulse-feeling completely dominates. Knock, knock! If I turn to the other side or on my back, I get a short relief, but then it feel like the organs "sink down in their position", and the knocking becomes dominating again. What is going on?
My heart has been checked (ecg, echo), and my stomach has been checked for bacterial infection.)

It sounds like it could be anxiety.   3 hours before sleep stay away from coke, pepsi, ginger ale, chocolate, exercise ,alcohol, caffeine.  30 minutes before bed take a hot bath and l5 minutes before bedtime drink a glass of warm milk. Milk when heated contains trytophan a natural amino acid sleep inducer.  feel free to email again Karel

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