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I am male, 55, no health issues.
I was never a morning person, so thats why I opted for the night shift at my place of employment. It allows me to sleep in, do a lot of chores, then I take a small nap before work, 5pm-1am.
I have noticed that on my weekends, the first day I am in a daze and am mostly a couch potato. The second day I am more energetic but still dont really wake up until late afternoon. In fact my days off pattern is just like my work pattern. This even happens on week long vacations.
Is this common? Thanks!

Unfortunately it is.  When you work night shift, you should do the same bedtime and waketime 7 days a week.  If you change it will screw things up.  As you get older your mind will require less sleep time, but as you age the body slows down and dont bounce back as quickly as it did. Go to sleep  Search shift workers for tips. feel free to email again. Karel.

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