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Hello Karel Sleis,
I am Sushma. I have a nephew who is 10 years old.Its been about 10 months he is away from his parents with us for his studies.He had his hernia operation a year ago.He is comfortable with us also but the problem is he cries in between for about 2-3 times every night and the next morning he don't remember the thing at all.He use to cry since he was too small so i am confused whether its his habit or he is having some problem due to which he cries suddenly.Sometimes he makes really weird sounds which scares me. If its a habit is there any solution for this or if he is having some problem whom should we consult? I really need help cause its concerning.His parents says its his habit so they did not took much attention to it but i am not satisfied with them.

Thank you i hope you could help me

The crying doesnt.worry me, but the weird sounds either before or after the crying could be some type of seizure type or just his habit.  I would definitely discuss this with his pediatrician, to see if he should have a neurological consult, just to make sure everything is allright.  Neurology has to do with the brain.  I would feel better if you got the consult, better safe than sorry.   Feel free to email again,Karel

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