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My son is 16  and has just completed an overnight sleep test plus the following day MSL test.
The overnight sleep showed fragmented sleep architecture, with limited rem sleep. Sleep latency was prolonged at 55.5 minutes.  MSLT he slept in 3 out of 4 naps.  He went into Rem sleep in naps 2 and 3. He also reached SWS in nap 4.  Average sleep latency 16 mins.
Physiologist report - this study is compatible with a diagnosis of Narcolepsy, despite the lack of subjective sleepiness and the prolonged average sleep latency.  (the test can not rule in as it is present in 15% of normal.
Please send me your opinion and thoughts.
They have suggested he does another overnight sleep test and MSLT.
I also read that a young person diagnosed with narcolepsy did MST and no longer has narcolepsy.  Would this be worth looking into?

Concerned Mum

I have had l5 mslt, passed them all, yet when the very first polysomnigram came out,  You had to fall asleep in under 5 minutes and I did in 4.9.  Yet never showed rem sleep abnormally, but was still defined as narcoleptic.  The one true sign of the illness would be to witness a cataplectic attack. Unfortunately one does not grow out of it. It does get better but some say its because one learns to cope.  For me menopause really helped it.  You might want to consult sanford university. The one place that might tell you.  .     You can try speaking to the secretary or the md himself and fax the boys tests with a letter saying you need a second opinion.  You can try calling. Dr. Jerome Siegal  310-825-5061  or 310-206-5855. The next one is to call 650-725-7341 Dr. Mignot .  He is world reknown.  His asst is mali einen.  I would also email Dr. mignot the results at   It will take a couple of weeks to respond but you will get it. feel free to email again Karel, good luck.

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