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Sleep Disorders/suddenly showting in a sleep


Hello! I'm a 28year old male... and I recently noticed a slight issue when I sleep. I don't have any sleeping disorders that I know of. But whenever I sleep or take a quick rest (5 mins), I notice a quick reaction waking me up. I feel a sudden burst of shock causing my body to "pop up." It's a bit similar to a quick reaction when someone scares you. I don't have any discomforts when I sleep at all either. Thank you for heling me! 

It is normal, its the bodies way to relax and the brain to get ready to go into the enxt stage.  3 hours before bedtime stay away from chocolate, caramel colored soda coke pepsi gingerale, caffeine, alcohol. All these make sleep restless. If it happens often during the night thats a different story.  Try drinking a glass of heated plain milk 15 inutes before bedtime. It contains amiino acid tryptophan, which relaxes you and may help with your muscles falling to sleep. feel free to email again karel

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