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Hi doctor .
I've a sleep problem .. I do sleep so much hour sometimes more than 12 h .. I am a physician live in Egypt .. I did asked once a sleep expert about my problem she told me that I've a Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder .. but still i feel no energy after sleeping for that period of much time .. usually I go to sleep at 1 am .. because of my job i can't sleep before that hour ..
this is disturbing my life and my career ..
my cbc is normal .. I've done a HBV ag and HCV ab tests will be available soon ..
so plz ur recoomendations and ur advise ... thanks :))

I am not a physician , I am a respiratory therapist, but I do suffer from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder.  If your sleep interfers with ones daily life,  you need to get a polysonigram which is an overnight sleep study to see which disorder you suffer from  .Whether its narcolepsy, or circadian rhythm sleep disorder.  For this light therapy, also to reset your biological clock.  This is done by gradually going to bed 3 hours later each day and waking up 3 hours earlier until you reach your desired. sleep.   If you go to this website. You should go down to the middle of page chronobiology,  there they list the difference sleep pattern and times you would have to go to sleep and awaken, but understand you need to be monitored by a physician, and you need to have the test.  For now you should avoid brigh light at night as this delays the cycle more.When you feel tired is when you would go out in the daylight,in the sun .  Or light therapy.    Wish I could be of further help.  You can try the sleep  pattern in this article.Feel free to email again ,Karel

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