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I have developed excessive sleeping disorder. I sleep a lot and i have been on two medications called Zyprexa and Celexa. Before i started taking these medications i had the opposite problem which was i had difficulty going to sleep. Sometimes i would be awake for about 24- 48 hours without any sleep at all. I am wondering if it could be side effects of these medications, particularly Celexa? If it is side effect of these medication, does the side effect go away if i stop taking these medications? And if not, are there any treatments available to cure this symptom?

I haven't had the chance to talk to my doctor about this because my appointment is in the next month.

First of all ask your doctor if you can take these medications in the daytime as you are having insomnia for them, or you may need the dosage lowered.  If you just started on these medications,  if could resolve on its own when your level is reached in your system.Usually it takes at least 8 weeks before the drug reaches its full dosage in the blood stream.  With both these meds if you have to lower the dose please do so gradually,  by 1/4 every 7 days as if you lower too quickly, you will get rebound symptoms.  feel free t email again Karel

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