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I was wondering if you could help with an issue that I am having.  It is abrupt noise disturbance interrupting my sleep from my neighbor (car horn, dragging furniture, thumps and bangs).  I can play white noise and random sounds that vary in pitch but maintain consistency and fall asleep.  It is interesting because moments before I come into consciousness I realize that I don't hear anything until my awareness comes into the sound.  It is loud the noise I am playing but it is as if the noise disappears as I am sound asleep.  Is there any practices that can help encourage, strengthen, and prolong this state?  An undesirable option is to fall asleep to those very same sounds that wake me up, I did not know if my body could healthfully adapt to the following sleep practice if I had to choose that option.

ANSWER: All I can think of is to explain to the neighbor to cut the noise after 10pm or you could call anonymously and have the cops come for disturbing the peace if its that loud.  Other than that you could try sleeping with ear plugs, or keep the radio on to soft dentist like music. hope this helps,feel free to email again Karel

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QUESTION: Thank you for the prompt response Karel.  The noise is abrupt and not continuous.  I could call the cops but they most likely would show up and things would be quiet.  I am in a difficult situation as the neighbor in question is denying everything.  

I have ear plugs that I sleep to with the loud white noise.  For the most part it is pretty effective but car horns are difficult.

I thought if I could somehow maintain that deep sleep state all throughout that could be pretty good, as the entire external world shuts out.  I didn't know if that is possible.

Anything is possible but even if you stood in that state the sleep cycle doesn't. maintain the awaken state during the day ,you then would be tired.  Sometiems even listening to the music, one can follow the song in our brain while we are sleeping and then you awaken not refreshed.  Ear plugs is truly the best . You also could at those times try calling 1-718-920-CALM.  Its a 24/7 totally free tape one can listen to . It goes through 1min 4 min 6, and even imagry.  It really does calm one self to fall back to sleep.  Deep breathing techniques really do work. I never believed it until this past few months.  I use it to help me thru the pain from shingles.  Give it a try.  feel free to email again  Karel

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