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Sleep Disorders/i've been feeling sleepy from last 3-4 days.


since 3-4 days i have been feeling
sleepy throughout the day.even if
i'm sleeping for 8-9 hours.
im not overweight, im quite fit.i've
been having nasal congestion from 4 19 years old, im not marginally
underweight.i am not under any
stress.its happening from the day im
having sinus problems.i do wake up
unintentionally everyday between
3-4 has happened before but i
never felt like this it
thanks for ur answer.

I think its due to the nasal congestion.  If it persists  you should see your md,perhaps you need antibiotics for the nasal congestion.  If after the congestion leaves and it persists you may want your md to check your blood for anemia or thyroid Sometimes being sleep can be due to anemia which one takes iron tablets,.But I really think it sinus related. I would go to my md.feel free to email again Karel

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