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My legs don't bother me that much but the back of my Left arm will wake me from a dead sleep. I call it the creeps. I can only remedy it with pushups or running hot shower water over it. 85% effective.

If I don't do one of the two as soon as I fall asleep it will wake me up. Feels like worms moving thru my triceps. I am 56 and it started coming on about 12 years ago. What is going on?

Are there any solutions other than what I mentioned?


Does sound like restless leg syndrome which can effect arms too,  I suggest you ask the doctor or sleep physician about trying requip which is for RLS.  I would also try taking the hot shower right before you go to sleep.Also  here are some great links that really go into detail on rls and what helps it.

also valerian root can be found in health food store 800mg. daily for 8 weeks

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