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I am 27 years old and for the past 6 months or so I have been having this problem where I moan while falling asleep or when im getting ready to fall asleep. I usually hear it. At first I didn't but I can hear my self when im almost asleep. My husband hears it too.  I am taking anti anxiety meds I don't know if that could cause anything. It just happened out of the blue. It doesn't happen everytime though. Just every once in a while.

It could just be that the medication is calming you down before you are in a deep sleep, and so the moan. As long as there is no shaking or anything then I wouldn't worry, but should you get any twitching or body shaking, alert the doctor as this could be a seizure.  What I think is that the medication is calming you down while you are or rather your brain is going into a sleep cycle, and so you still are basically between asleep and awake, therefore when one is going into a sleep cycle and not fully asleep they will yell out because they usually see things sort of hallucinate.  Should it become more louder or longer a moaning then I would discuss it with my physican as it could very well be the way the medication is affecting your sleep cycle.  But for now I wouldn't worry.  I also would drink a glass of warm milk. Milk when heated contains tryptophan which is an amino acid and helps one sleep deeply while they go from one cycle to the next so that may alleviate the problem.  Try it for each night a week or two.  feel free to email again, Karel

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