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Sleep Disorders/Will sleeping for just 4.5 hours be healthy?


Dear Karel,

I'm sorry if this isn't exactly your expertise, but you're the closest expert on this site to it- so i hope you can answer my question.

I've been reading this very interesting website ( and it suggests a totally different way of sleeping which i'm really excited about, because i would have a lot more free time and i may sleep better too. What do you think of the website, is it legitimate?

Here is the schedule i'll be practicing:

Thank you!


There is no real data medically that says this works,  The human body and brain needs at least 8 hours sleep to recharge itself.  If you go to American sleep disorders association,  you will see much information.  6-7 hours as we get older.  That is what is recommended.  However for some people their body may need 8-10 hours,  Its up to the persons metabolism and brain, but the average is at least 6-7 hours.  8 hours is preferred, and up to 10 .  But anything under the 8 , what happens is we go through phases of rapid eye movement and non rapid eyemovement each night.  and each cycle last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.  It is felt their are 4 stages of sleep. and the brain needs at least and hour to 90 minutes to go thru each stage.  sleeping less would not let the stages  work properly. hope this helps.  Karel

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