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My question is rather simple, and hopefully has a simple answer.
Is it safe to take zzzquil and l-arganine simultaneously? I figured this was the best place to ask since zzzquil can help with some sleep disorders. I realize you may not be 100% on this, since it seems to be an odd combination from what I've tried to Google. I'm simple curious as to youre opinion. I realize that l-arganine can cause low blood pressure, and I think zzzquil can too. That is really my only worry.

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wHILE iM NOT AN MD. I do not endorse any sleep medications.  All of these over the counter ones zzz quil included have diphenramine, which is simply Benadryl nothing more.  No one can say if the 2 are safe to take, however it is advised with all meds OTC as well as prescribed not to mix in with other supplement.  I suggest you ask your md.  Sorry I cant be of more help. feel free to email again,Karel

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