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Straightforward are listed some problems I am facing. Not sure whom to contact. Hence sending you the issues.

I am 30 years male.

1. When I wake up in the morning I am very - very tired.
2. When sometimes I sneeze, there comes stars in front of my eyes like weakness.
3. In the daytime i.e. my normal work routine, most of the time I am also suffering from fatigue.
4. While I sleep at night (here are currently winters), I sweat a lot, I found that my blanket is a lot wet due to sweat.
5. Recently I developed this strange issue. I got itching over my entire body, in the evening. Night it is most, morning and daytime less severe.

I got some medical tests some 2-3 months earlier. The bad cholesterol was bit on the higher side.

Anyways, I come to you to seek advice what shall I do further to know what is happening to me? I am not able to understand the issue with me as of now.

First of all you need to get your blood checked, especially thyroid, also check for anemia, and mono.  These usually are the main ones.  The perspiration is definitely hormonal.  Could be low blood sugar ,diabetes.  I also would have the doctor check for urine and sugar.

If all is checked out then you should visit a sleep center to check for narcolepsy.  However right now it sounds like more of a thyroid, endocrine, type problem rather then a sleep disorder.  feel free to email again, Happy Holidays.Karel

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