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Hi DR,

i am 24 yeard old Male, Married and having two kids. actually since two years i am having issue while driving into work I experienced severe dizziness and disorientation.
even in my office during work sometime i feel too much weakness and tiredness.

As of now i am not taking any kind of medication, i did my all blood investigation and every thing is fine.
don't know really why this problem is happening with me

i would be grateful for your advice.


Since you said all your bloods are fine.I would first make sure that they took blood test for thyroid, and mono, and sugar in blood or urine to rule out diabetes.As well as checked your blood pressure,  You mention that you feel disoriented.  Disorientation usually is a sign that it could be neurological, such as mild epilepsy.  The next step would be to go to a neurologist and get a complete neurological workup as well which would consist of a cat scan and mri.If all this checked out, the neurologist I would ask to refer you to a sleep center to then rule out any sleep disorder such as narcolepsy. for information go to narcolepsy network. Also if you are taking any recreational drugs such as pot or marijuana I definitely would stop as that would then be the culprit of your symptoms. Hope this helps. feel free to email again <Karel  

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