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hi karel, im only getting 5 hours of sleep on my cpap machine and I was wondering what is causing this. for the past 2 weeks I have been getting up at 3am and feeling like I need more sleep. does my cpap machine need adjusting or is there something wrong with me healthwise.  I would appreciate a detailed answer. thanks for your help.

If you are only getting 5 hours sleep because you are awaking thru the night unable  to breathe and go back to sleep, then that's a problem.  I would suggest you go to your doctor and ask him.  I don't know what the settings are on your machine.  The doctor may have to adjust the pressure.  You can also bring the machine to your doctor that prescribed it to you.  And he can change the settings or you will have to get a script from the doctor with the settings, and call the company that delivered it to have  a respiratory therapist change the settings to the script. feel free to email me ,Karel

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