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Sleep Disorders/Nightmares increasing. Is it a disorder?


Hi. Im not really sure who to ask about this kind of stuff but i appreciate any answer you can give me. Im a 23 year old who has been plagued with an increasing amount of nightmares. Iv been used to them all my life, they come an go in little spirts. Usually a week at a time, with a couple monthes without a single nightmare. But this time it seems to be different. Its been over a month of nightmares almost every night. Iv trained myself to start writing down what i can remember when i awake. But the last one i had completely scared me silly. I open my eyes in bed to see the ceiling, and i hear...creatures fighting each other growing closer and closer to me, and then silence... i lift my head and see nothing. And my door is open, i look to my left at my wife and then i hear the screech again from my right ear and awake to my door shut and complete silence.  I find myself more and more afraid to fall asleep. I dont take any medications. No known family disorders or diseases. I occasionally smoke a very little bit of marijuana, maybe 1-3 times a week. It doesnt seem to affect it. Is this some kind of disorder? Thank u for your time

You could have a rem disorder which basically means a glitch in your dream cycle.  You would need to go to a sleep center to have a sleep study done.  Your local hospital can refer you.  The treatment would be to take a small amount of antidepressant which holds back the dream cycle however since one must dream to function, even with  the medication the dreams have to break thru, also one would have to deal with the side effects.  However if it is getting so bad at least get a proper diagnosis.  However in the meantime, I suggest you do a few things and see if they lesson.  Make sure you get 8-10 hrs sleep.  3 hours before bedtime stay away from alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, tea, coffee, caramel colored soda like coke and pepsi as all these make for restless sleep.  There is a possibility that the smoking of marijuana regardless of how small the amount is doing this to you, as it can react on the brain this way in different people.  So first of all I definitely would refrain from it for a good 8 weeks until your brain get back to its normal sleep cycle as the marijuana may very well be the culprit.  Hope this helps.  Oh also l5 minutes before bedtime, drink a warm glass of heated plain milk.  Milk contains tryptophan which is a natural sleep inducer perhaps the marijuana is clashing with your amino acids.  feel free to email again , Karel

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