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I was prescribed the positive air machine with a nose piece I'm supposed to have it set at 8 but even set at 4 I am NOT able to breathe through the air aside from that I try to breathe through my nose but I get congested and I am forced to breathe out my mouth once I open my mouth there's so much air pressure I can't breathe at all start panicking and don't know what to do this happened while I was awake how am I going to deal with this while I'm asleep.I was told I flat line 32 times an hour is this serious enough that I really need to make this work or is there another machine without the constant positive air flow after all that's for obstructive sleep apnea if so would ohip cover it.  My doctor described different machines for each type of sleep apnea I really hope I got the wrong one. I really can't use this one. If I'm not able to use the treatment what's going to happen to me?

You must call the company that delivered the machine to you, and ask to speak to the respiratory therapist that sets up the cpap machines.   Explain to the therapist the pressures are too high to please have him or her come out to your home and lower the settings, or they will trouble shoot it for you.  This is this crazy health care system that is allowing companies to mail machines to the patient with preset orders from the doctor,  however if your machine was delivered to you, and you were lucky enough to have a respiratory therapist set it up. You call back the company demand to speak to the therapist on call and have him or her come out and fix the settings.  By law even if the machine was mailed to you the company must have a therapist available 24 7 for all of these problems.  If not make an appointment with your physician and take your machine with you so that the doctor will fix the machine to the settings that are best for you.  There are certain things to press to get into the clinicians settings that only a therapist who works for the company and the type of the machine knows.  If you don't get anywhere then, call the manufacturer of the machine or email me back with the manufacturer of the machine,I will give you their number and you can call them and the therapist may be able to trouble shoot it over the phone.But  legally the one that set you on the machine should have been a therapist and the company that delivered the machine must have someone on call 24 7 for such problems. feel free to email me again,Karel

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