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hi karel, im having problems with my cpap machine. after 4 to 5 hours of sleep on the machine i wake up feeling tired. is the cpap machine causing the insomnia. does my pressure need adjusting. my pressure on my machine are as follows: epap 25 and ipap 20. i really need to get more sleep on the cpap. i really would appreciate your answer on this and thank you for helping me.

Yes the pressures are too high, what you must do is call your doctor which in turn he would give you a script, or bring the machine into him to adjust it, as only a resp, therapist is allowed to set the machine and get into change the patients settings, so you would have to call the company who delivered it and tell them, you have a new script,   or ask to speak to the therapist that works for them, and the therapist then would come out to your place to change the settings after the prescription is given, but you can simply bring machine to doctor when you go for appointment and he would be able to change the pressures as they know the mechanisms and buttoms to get into the clinician part of the machine to make the changes, an owner of the machine cannot get into that part to change the pressures.  hope this helps. feel free to email again Karel

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