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QUESTION: I sleep too much. Even though i get enough sleep at night i also sleep many hours during the day. I am thinking about taking Concerta for this disorder but would like to ask you if it is a good idea since i have previously suffered from auditory hallucination and panic attacks? Currently i am on antidepressants for panic attacks. I don't have hallucination anymore.

ANSWER: First of all for excessive sleep ,it sounds tome likenyou may have narcolepsy.Before  taking any meds,you need a diagnosis. For excxessive sleeping,concerta is not the drug,its an antidepressant which will only add to your sleepiness.You need to be on Provigil,ritalin,or Dexedrine. I suggest u go to narcolepsy network to read up on it.It has 4 symptoms,hypnangogic hallucinations is one of them,basically its dreaming with ones eyes open.however the main 2 symptoms are sleep attacks which is what you describe  , falling asleep at  inappropriate times, and the other is cataplexy.  which is a complete or total body collapse triggered from emotion,laughter, surprise, fear. One doesn't need to have it to be diagnosed with narcolepsy. I strongly suggest you get a sleep study. Contact your local hospital for the nearest sleep center.  So that you can get a definitive diagnosis and on the right meds. feel free to email again, Karel

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QUESTION: A doctor prescribed me a medicine called Rubifen. I was wondering if you know about this medicine? Or is it any good than the meds you mentioned? I haven't taken them yet. However i was thinking about starting with 5 mg dosage. The pills come in 10 mg each.

My other question is, should i be worried about that my hallucination can come back if i take this medicine?

Yes rubifen is Ritalin which is the same thing, the generic name is methylphenidate.  I suggest you start with whatever dosages he stated and how many times.  Do not take it after 3pm or it will give you insomnia.  usually people with narcolepsy like myself take it in divided dosages.  You should keep some type of log as to what times of day you are sleepiest, then you should take it an hour before.  You can start with 5mg. 3times a day but ask your md as I don't know if he gave you the extended release of that drug, at which you would need to take it  just once a day. speak to the pharmacist to see what dosage it is. feel free to email again karel

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