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I go to sleep at night with light on as it would help me from not seeing people
In my sleep.  Lately that has not helped.  I see people in my sleep and it terrifies
me.  Sometimes they are just standing there and sometimes they are coming at me to grab me.
Sometimes they look like a normal person and sometimes they look like a monster with like ugly long teeth and arms get very long when trying to grab me.  I Often wake up screaming and wake up my partner.  I jump up and have fallen out of bed.  I have often cried myself to sleep from being so scared.  It has happened twice in one night.  That visual is gone when I wake.  I see, men, boys more often then women.  It is very disturbing.  It only happens at night.  Can you provide any insight to what happens to me.

Yes what you are suffering from is believe it or not natural phenomenon, that happens at times in our lives.  Its a combination of hypnangogic hallucinations and sleep paralysis. What happens is just before we go to sleep or right around waking up, our bodies are sync so the body and brain awaken together however sometimes thee is a delay nano second. so you are half awake , or just about to awaken or fall off to sleep, but the brain and body are not in sync so one is still dreaming half awake, Dreams are alwalys of monsters or someone chasing you.  yES EVEN AFTERS HALF HOUR YOU STILL ARE SO FRIGHTENED, DREAMs ARE SO REAL.that many people are looking under the bed for the monster a half hour or more after bein wide awake.  You also may have night terrors which are nightmares that children get.  Unfortunately if it only happens once in awhile one need do nothing but if it happens more than 3 there times a week you may want to go to a sleep center and get your sleep evaluated.  Mainly the medication they give are antidepressants but in baby dosages not for depression as it holds back the rem, rapid eye movement or dreaming.  But first you might want to try the following 3 hours before bedtimes stay away from alcohol,caffeine, chocoloate, exercise, caramel colored soda like coke and pepsi.  All this make for restful sleep. 30 minutes before bedtime take a hot bath.  Latest research from john Hopkins is immersing your hands under the bath water with palms up, sends impulses to the brain to relax and get ready for sleep.  l5 minutes before bedtime drink a glass of warm heated milk, milk when heated contains tryptophan , a natural amino acid sleep inducer.  Also when this happens if one shakes you to wake you out of it, what this does is only puts it back into the brain, and when you fall back to sleep, the nightmares will only return. What one must do is simply let you scream it out but the person next to you. Should simply call your name out and say for instance. Mary, its so and so , Im here youre alright. Hearing ones name over and over pull you out of the hallucination.  Also you can go to sleep with soothing music, Believe it or not sometimes just knowing its natural phenomenon helps relieve it.  also if this interfering with your daytime wakefulness that's a different story as these symptoms along with tiredness could be narcolepsy, which is the uncontrollable urge to fall asleep at inappropriate times, however, from what you describe , these symptoms without the daytime sleepiness is natural phenomenon.hope this helps, try it for 6-8 weeks religiously each night and see if they go away however if they persiste constantly, then seek a sleep center as you might need the medication to control them, but many times the natural way is the best.especially if this only happens once in  awhile. feel free to email again, Karel

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