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Last week I contacted you about internal vibrations as I come out of a sleep whether it's waking up in the morning or just stirring during the night. You suggested getting an examination and MRI. On Thursday night I had such bad vibrations that I didn't sleep a wink. I really think I was so anxious that if I did fall asleep for a few minutes I would wake up in the fear of vibrating. It's a vicious cycle, if I stay asleep I feel no vibrations until I get up in the morning. Because of that night I spent the day at the ER, which seems to be the only way to get the right test within a reasonable time frame. They conducted and MRI and came back perfectly clean. I was referred to a neuro doctor  to explore less severe explanations and by no surprise I can't be seen for months so I am looking for some answers until then. As I mentioned before this vibrating is not happening while I am asleep but rather the moment I become awake. Would that still be considered a sleep disorder or is it a different scope because I am awake? I have full control of movements, it's just the vibrating sensation that starts from my head that goes to the rest of my body. I do feel better knowing my MRI is clean but unless this is a mental thing then something else is causing it. Would love some more of your thoughts knowing my mri results.


ANSWER: MRI being clean is great, my guess is then its some type of mental thing, maybe some PTSD> While you are waiting you might want to speak to a psychologist/psychiatrist.  It also could be other mental diseases.  However lack of sleep can also produce strange things in people.  But this vibrating.  I would feel better though if you got the eeg, which is the brain wave to rule out seizures, the mri ruled out tumors.  Without the brain wave eeg. I still would say some type of seizure.  Cant your md, try calling , or try your regular md. show them this.feel free to email again Karel.  Ps. I know its now easy but freaking out over it,m would only exacerbate the problem if its a seizure problem.  For relaxation try calling 718-920  calm  , press option 3, deep breathing   8 minute totally free . tape.  Its great.Keep me posted  Karel.  try and get than neuro sooner .

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QUESTION: Thanks for the reply. I wanted to respond to a few of your comments. In terms of the vibrations, I have full control over my muscles when these happen so I am not sure if that eliminates seizures. My PCP has not mentioned any indications that he thought it was MS or ALS because the twitches were jumping all over the body. The only constant sensation I have is a vibration in my left quad, almost like a cell phone vibrating. As I mentioned before the twitches have subsided a little but the vibration upon waking is still there. It does not wake me up but it starts when I do wake up. I do diagnosis myself with things which I know can be stressful and unnecessary but I don't think I would go to the point of seeing a doctor for the mental issues.


That's up to you but first get the physical ruled out regarding this vibrations.  But even if its something like ptsd , there are many illnesses that a therapist can prescribe for you.  At least if not a psychiatrist then a therapist but that's up to you.   But if this plagues you now and it is mental,  it will always be something, why not get down to the root.  All physical illnesses affects us mentally as well.  anyway get the neuro check.  Good luck Karel

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