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I am a 30 year old male.  I have been experiencing some weird sensations that seemed to have increased in frequency.  As I am falling asleep or if I am awoken I feel this internal shaking sensations.  When it first happened I could have sworn my wife was shaking the bed but as its conintued to happen I realize its me.  My muscles and body arent moving but it sure feels like it.  It wakes me up at times and sometimes as I am dosing off it starts.  I have googled some things and to my suprise others have experienced the same things but no one puts an exact cause to it.  I am curious if you ever heard of this


Any type of internal shaking during sleep needs attention to .  You need to go to a neurologist to rule out sleep seizures.  Usually if itwere sleep paralysis or hallucinations it would be seeing things distorted such as someone chasing your or monsters.  This believe it or not is natural phenomenon as the mind and body are synchronized to fall asleep together and awaken, but when shaking as you describe happens, there is definitely something neurologically wrong.  So to rule out sleep seizures I would get a neurological consult which would include an eeg, (brain wave testing) as well as an MRI.   feel free email again Karel. It also could be a drop in ones sugar, but first rule out it neurologically.

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