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Hi I have started making puffing noises that wake me up as well as when I am awake - am I losing it- especially while awake - and yes- I am a bit overweight -- yuck 5'6" &

No you are not losing it, but you probably have sleep apnea.  You would need to go to a sleep center and have a study done, youre local hospital can refer you to one in your area.  The first thing is you have to lose weight, even if only 5 pounds concentrate on that, you may have caught it in time, what happens in sleep apnea is you literally stop breathing in your sleep however in your case, it hasn't gotten that bad but bad enough that the puffing is a sign that there is a blocked airway.  Go to sleep apnea .org for more information. I suggest you sleep on 2-3 pillows, also try breathe easy nasal strips, wear one at night for a week or two and see if that improves your sleep along with the weight loss, but only do this for about 8 weeks.  If no improvement with the weight loss then you need a sleep study.  There also is a possibility that its the start of emphysema. If you smoked.  You can go to a pulmonary doctor as well who will be able to do the sleep study and a pulmonary function test to test your airway.  feel free to email again Karel

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