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I have a question. I really don't have to much trouble sleeping until I'm on my back. When I sleep on my back, I wake up gasping for air, nearly choking along with being told by my wife that my eyes kind of open when I'm sleep. Though I find those symptoms as a problem, out of all positions  of sleeping, my back is the quickest of falling  a  sleep on. I look at others and gets jealous cause they sleep like babies on their.backs like my kids and wife, but I got to turn over and toss and turn to find comfort to sleep. Why can't I.Sleep on my back I sleep on my back without falling for air?

You are suffering from sleep apnea, which is when your airway closes when lying down.  Usually caused by obesity or large tonsils, or blocked airway, You need to go to a sleep center to have a sleep study done.  For now. I would sleep elevated on 2-3 pillows at night. also go to the store and purchase breathe easy nasal strips, try using thenm at night to see if it helps.  What happens when one wakes up choking is that the heart stops due to the blocked airway.  After diagniosis a cpap machine will be ordered for you. which will help you sleep at night .  I suggest you go to sleep but get to a sleep doctor or pulmonary doctor asap. feel free to email again Karel

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