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Sleep Disorders/sleeping hours and waking up


Hello, Karel Sleis

First, thanks for volunteering with your expertise in this website. I am not sure whether is question belongs here, so please disregard in case you cannot answer my question.

I've been going to bed a bit earlier than usual, so I get up earlier the next day. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be working. Why do I have difficulty getting up in the morning even if I sleep 2 hours ealier?

Thank you

Each person sleep cycle is different . The average cycle for adult up to age 60 is from 8 to 10 hours sleep.  after as we get older we require less so its from 6-8 hrs.  It just could be that your body requires the full 10 hrs of sleep to feel rested.  I would not fret over it as the thinking about it just makes you more restless sleep.  I suggest you put your alarm on a different side of the room so that you will have to get up out of the bed to turn it off.  also 3 hours before bedtime do not eat caramel colored soda like coke and pepsi, exercise, chocolate, alcohol, as these make for very restless sleep thru the night.  feel free to email again karel

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