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Dear Karel,
I have been told by many people who I've slept in a room with that I make "clucking noises" in my sleep. I can do it awake if I want to but I also do it most nights when I'm asleep, undesirably. I dont tend to wake up from it but I know it wakes other people up. the back of my tongue repeatedly hits and sucks off the back of my mouth (sorry, I know that sounds disgusting), creating a deep throaty sound. I'm underweight and I dont smoke and don't drink often and I was just wondering if this is a medical condition. Should I be worried?

You say you do not wake up from it, if you did then it could be the beginning of sleep apnea.  It could be due to acid reflux.If you have any heartburn. I also would not eat anything heavy 2 hours before you go to bed.  What you should do is first of all sleep on 2 pillows at night to see if perhaps lifting your airway might help.  If it persists, if you wake up from it, if you are sleepy during the day because you don't sleep well at night then you should consider visitng a sleep center.  You might also try over the counter breathe right strips, you place on your nose, If you have any heartburn or gas during the day then it is acid reflux which you can take Prilosec or nexium over the counter. but for now try the2 pillows and see how it goes. feel free to email again Karel

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