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Hi! I am a healthy, no-drugs, no-alcohol, very active student(plays two sports) who gets 7-8hrs of sleep but falls asleep in lecture classes.

It's terrible! I tried sitting in the front thinking I would dare sleep so close to the prof, but I doze off anyways. I tried crunchy food like apples or baby carrots which worked until I finished them(and annoyed my classmates) and then I was out. Yet as soon as class is over, my stupor dissipates and I am alert again... until my next lecture class.

I tried dark chocolate coffee beans but maybe they keep me awake for another 10 mins before I pass out again.

I'm generally awake in more interactive class but listening to someone drone on and on for an hour puts me to sleep instantly.

How can I keep awake?

A Sleepy Student

If you are falling asleep during the daytime, then you could be suffering from narcolepsy.  Please go to Narcolepsy network as well as Young americans with narcolepsy.  If it is only during the lectures, then it would help to keep your eyes moving , try not staring directly at the lecturer but let your eyes move around the room.  if you are getting weak knees since you mentioned sports, that also is a symptom of narcolepsy.  feel free to email again Karel

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