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I rarely snore, but i toss and turn all night long. My fitness band tells me I get only brief infrequent deep sleep intervals. Typically less than 2 hours of "sound sleep" total per night. I video recorded my sleep, and I counted 61 instances of tossing and turning in an 8 hour period. I take a small dose of Ambien to help me fall asleep every night, and I do not remember the restless sleep when I wake up in the morning. But I am often tired during the day and I typically will fall asleep in my seat during church or boring movies or the like.

I'm wondering if it's sleep apnea or what might be wrong with me. I have a lean muscular build, so not really the typical sleep apnea body type.

Because you are using ambien your cycle is all screwed. up.  Sleep medications are only supposed to be used for 5 days or less, as one builds up a tolerance ,one constantly needs more as it no longer gives the restful sleep.  In your case it may be giving you more awakening.  I suggest you see your p hysician to make an appointment at the hospitals local sleep center.  You may be suffering from narcolepsy,which is the uncontrollable urge to fall asleep at inappropriate times.  also just by your description of when you doze off is the number one clue that you indeed have some form of narcolepsy.  go to narcolepsy network for further information. contact your physician about possibly cutting out the ambien, please do not whatever you do just stop taking as it can cause mania.  you must cut the dose gradually every 10 days.   feel free to email again Karel

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