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It's not a sleep disorder, but I wasn't sure where else to ask this. When I was younger, I spent a month at my father's house, and I slept on the floor without a pillow, so I started sleeping on my elbow (I sleep on my side, so my armpit is flat on the floor, elbow pointing the same direction as the crown of my head, and my wrist under my cheek), and even with pillows now, I can't help but sleep with my arm up under the pillow like that. However, it's stressing my rotator cuff, and resulting in chronic dislocations and severe pain. I just don't know how to sleep without my arm under my head. I try, but just can NOT sleep. Do you have any suggestions, or any direction to point me to find a solution? Thank you for your time.

Unfortunately sleep positions would usually change if one is in pain, the body would just tell the pain not to sleep that way or change the position . Other than just don't do it. You might try buying a real small pillow or sofa cusion and prop it under the rotator cuff so that when your arm does bend it falls back unto the pillow. other than that I don't know. feel free to email again Karel

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