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Sleep Disorders/Speak while sleeping and cnt hv sufficient sleep


Hello sir, thanks for your response before.
As you said my difficulty in breathing while sleeping
might be due to overweight. Yes am overweight but i
dnt know why its increasing as my diet is not that much.

I speak a lot while sleeping and cnt fulfill my sleep amd so
Get up very late in morning and feel fatigue whole day.

I also feel that i had narcolepsy as i read on net as i use to
Sleep any time and haave muscle tone my weight gain
Is due to these problems also??

These days i have numbness in my left hand and arm as well
and high Bp .
Thanks sir

Yes the weight gain puts added pressure on ones entire body, of course mainly the heart, lungs, and the aiways.One can have both narcolepsy and sleep apnea.  Numbness in your left hand could be due to arthritis or even circulation problems.  You really need to see a sleep center or better yet a pulmonary doctor to be tested for the sleep apnea and the narcolepsy. Meantime losing even 5 to 10 pounds can really help the airway stay open better at night when you sleep. Please sleep elevated on 2 -3 pillows, until you get to your physician. Happy and Healthy New Year, feel free to email again ,Karel

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