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Hi! I'm a 6th grade student doing a Genius Hour project in my class.  I'm studying sleep, and I have to interview an expert.  Could you answer my questions? Thanks!

How does lack of sleep affect your body?
In your opinion, what is the worst thing that lack of sleep can do to you?
What are some things in the past that lack of sleep caused?

lack of sleep affects your mood,your daily fu,nctioning,lack of concentration,and your memory.the worst thing that lack of sleep can do to one is your inability to do simple things such as. Concentrating in school,or even at work.for me over the years sleep affected my inability to work full time.I'm a respiratory therapist making me unable to work with patients .  after noon time as my alertness was,not good.this caused me to onlyworkpart time.hospitals now hire o,my to work 8 or 12hr shifts.ihad to work in homecare rather than a hospital setting.homecare is,more paperwork than actual patient contact.feel free to email again,  karel  

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