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     I am 35 years old Indian male. Most of the nights I know I am snoring as my wife has said so.But until now that did not bother my sleep many times.But recently whenever I am dozing off to sleep I can hear my throat making sounds like growling and that just jerks me and that just wakes me up. I can not go back to sleep for a long time which just makes me very anxious,my heartbeat increases.Recently this is happening more.Sometimes I just wake up suddenly without any sound too and the rest of the uneasiness follows.I work in shift duty of 2 days and 2 nights of 12 hours each followed by 3 offs.So I have to get up early for the day shif so if this happens on the previous night,I just feel very tired all through the next day. Please help.


You are undoubtedly suffering from sleep apnea.  You need to go to your physician and get a referral for a pulmonary doctor who will send you to a sleep center where you would stay overnight in the sleep lab and they will monitor your sleep.  What happens in sleep apnea.  Apnea means stop breathing.  The tongue falls way back , cuts off the airway and ones heart stops.  You would wake up coughing or choking with a sore throat. Many times you are doing this more than once thru the night and don't even know it.  This is very dangerous and must be controlled.  Fortunately there is much you can do for it. Since it might take time to get to the physician with referrals or your insurance.  You can go to the store and get they sell it over the counter.  Breathe easy nasal strips. They are little sticky like bandaids that you put over the bridge halfway down your nose to prevent the snoring.  Sleep on two pillows. If you are overweight losing even 5 pounds can help.  Your doctor will then order you a CPAP machine after you are diagnosed which has a mask on it.which takes time to get used to.  This maks blows air through your  nose down your throat to prevent the tongue from falling back.  It also can happen if you have enlarged tonsils.  So go to your medical doctor get to see a pulmonary doctor or a referral for a sleep center to get this done.  Since your heart literally stops at night while you are asleep.   Go to to read more about the machine you doctor will get you as well as the Sleep apnea You will find more info there. Feel free to email again.  Happy Holidays Karel.

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