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Sleep Disorders/Wakiing up suddenly


    I am 33 years old male from India.I know that I snore a lot while sleeping but that had not caused any big problem for me recently.But for last 2 nights whenever i am drifting to sleep I hear my throat making a sort of growling noise(snoring?) and that just makes me wake up and makes me very fearful.I do have a sore throat and a cold for last 2 days.Could that be causing this problem?It is very difficult for me to go back to sleep if I wake up within minutes of going to sleep for the first time.

This could be a little of both.For now I would sleep on 2 pillows,  then go to your local drug store, where the cold products are and get brathe easy nasal strips,they have one for snoring, if not just get the regular ones, and place it on the bridge of your nose when you go to sleep  at night and see if they help.  If they do, great, I would then contact your local hospital and ask them if they have a sleep disorders clinic.  You need to get a sleep study  done to see if you have sleep apnea. Go to sleep for further information.   feel free to email again, Karel    Also if you are overweight losing even 5 pounds can help.  What happens is the tongue relaxes when we sleep and falls back and can block the airway which causes sleep apnea.  Or it could be due to enlarged tonsils.  But you need to get a sleep study done.  If your hospital has no sleep center, you can also go to a pulmonary doctor who also treats sleep apnea.  

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