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Okay so for over a year i have these awful dreams. I dream with my eyes open an i know im awake but i can hear people screaming my name or touching me. I experience it all the time an it scares me to death. The most recent one i was laying there an i felt myself tense up an i heard someone running they were getting louder an i heard them directly behind me an my whole body went cold. Is there anything i can do :(

wHAT YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM IS CALLED HYPNANGOGIC HALLUCINATIONS along with sleep paralysis.  Believe it or not 2 very natural phenomenons that happen at one time or another in all our lives.

The brain and body are in sync so that bothe of them fall asleep and awaken together.  However once in awhile for unknown to man there is a glitch of a nano second  which throws us off.  When this happens you are unable to move or speak, hence the name sleep paralysis, and you are in essence caught between awake and asleep and dreaming with ones eyes open.  Dreams are so frightening that many after its all over up to an hour cant return to sleep and still are checking doors or looking under the bed for the boogeyman.  All of these dreams are either of someone chasing us, burying us, killing us, or of monsters and bugs.  It is so terrifying.

Now what to do.  These two symptoms are normal if ones own alertfulness during the day are not
affected by it.  However If it is, it very well could be a sleep disorder called narcolepsy which has the hallucinations and sleep paralysis as bot of the symptoms.

If this happens then one must be treated for it.  One must go to a sleep center , sleep overnight and have your sleep monitored.  If it happens without the daytime being affected sometimes just knowing its normal phenomenon is enough to have them stop.  Also if one can remember to move their eyeballs from right to left when this happens it stops it in its tracks.  One must remember to tell your bed partner or roommate not to shake you.  What happens is if the person shakes you it will only put it back and it will happen again the minute you return back to sleep.  The brain must dream to refresh itself.  What one must do is get their sleep evaluated at a sleep center.  The treatment is antidepressants.  However they are given in baby doses. Research has found that when anatidepressants are given in baby doses, it stops the symptoms in its tracks.  The only problem is eventually it will have to have the brain make the dreaming break thru and it will be just as bad.  Also if you do sleep with a roommate or bed partner you can tell them to simply say over and over. Your name and that everything is allright. That they are awake.  If the person hears their name repeated over and over it somehow does pull them out of it.  Why research has not figured that out.  However if this symptom is so disruptive in you then you need to call your hospital and ask for the nearest sleep center and get a polysomnigrapy.  It is an overnight painless brain wave which your sleep is monitored.  Electrodes are taped to your hair and then watched thru the night to monitor when this occurs.  Your local hospital has a list of sleep centers in the area.  I hope this information helps.  Relax you are not going crazy.  Its normal natural phenomenon. Please feel free to email again.  Good luck, Karel  

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