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QUESTION: Hi. Bcuz of my night job, I have insomnia. I can't fall asleep until 11am. I take melatonin 3g but sometimes it doesn't work. The same with OTC 50mg a pill. It says take 20 mins before bed. I take it but then I go straight to bed. I don't stay up. The last time I tooka sleeping pill, it never kicked in and it felt like a pressure in my eyes with a headache. I'm thinking about going to a doctor but I think they'll just give me a prescription for sleeping pills. Is it also bad to eat with the pill? Please help. I have epilepsy and I need to sleep.

ANSWER: Hi there. Could you give me a few more details? What is your age, do you work the night shift currently? How long have you worked nights? Do you now have a new job on first shift? I can answer all your questions wuth just a few more details :)  thanks!

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QUESTION: Hi. I'm sorry I took long to respond. But I work less nights now, but since I work afternoons at 2-10pm I need to sleep. a few days ago I was awake for over 24 hours at work.  I had to buy a monster. It did help me. I'm 27 and smoke sometimes. I have been taking gummy bear melatonin but it doesn't always work.

Hi again :) the insomnia is definately caused by rotating shifts. Your brain doesnt know when to sleep and when to be awake. This will definitely cause insomnia. Until you get a steady work schedule there isn't too much you can do. And no, caffine will not be very helpful in the long run.

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