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Sleep Disorders/Shocks, Spasms, Jerks in head


I am using a CPAP machine because my AHI counts above 60 on a sleep study. I am sure it is working provided I sleep. It keeps my airways open and a 6-7 hr sleep is enough to keep me going next day. My problem is I seldom sleep early. When I lay on bed and try to sleep I get violent electric shocks running from the back of right ear upwards. It is difficult to describe those strange sensations which happen a dozen times every half a minute.
Earlier, they called it myoclonus and gave me clonozepam. This pill works sometimes. I was advised to increase the dose. Well I must say they work at 1.5 mg dose.
A decade ago my limbs and trunk used to twitch and make me toss on the bed all night. Lately, it is a zap in the right hemisphere alone. And, these days my body doesn't jump on it's own.

Later, the doc says it could be as a result of deprived oxygen and therefore, the sleep study and CPAP.

My question is that is this really myoclonus even now? Are there a possibilities of some other neurological cause for the problem that the docs are not detecting? If it is just the Myoclonus, I understand Clonozepam is the only treatment and not a cure though.

Its possible you also have restless leg syndrome. I suggest you might need another sleep study for possible restless leg syndrome.  Any kind of twitches that you are still having tell me that something else maybe going on.  You need to contact your md and possibly get tested again .

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