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Sleep Disorders/Sleep A Fine Neurochemical Balance?


Hi Erika,

I have no problem sleeping but do wake after a few hours.
And can't return to sleep.
(Impact on my health has been high blood sugar, high BP, gradual cognitive decline :-( )
I've taken various herbs/minerals/foods/amino acids to help my condition (I'm male 60, non smoker, exercises, in good mental health).
I find what I take might help me sleep a night or two, but then it either stops working altogether, or backfires.
I'm trying to figure out what's happening here.
(If I understand it, I can fix it.)
My idea is that sleep involves several neurochemical pathways that the body keeps in fine balance.  And when someone "fixes" one thing with one supplement, it might expose or cause another weak point along the chain, so the system jams again.
Is the answer to sleeping well to take lots of different things at the same time or in succession, perhaps at lower doses?
And not rely on any one remedy?

Any help/insights/suggestions you can offer on this line of thinking most appreciated.


Hi there.I apologize for the late response! The answer may actually be more simple than you think! Have you had a sleep study? There are a lot of things that happen (and can happen) during our sleep that we have no idea about (because we are sleeping). You could have sleep apnea, or maybe even periodic leg movements that are waking you up. Despite being in good health, these things can happen in anybody. The first course of action I would take is a sleep study, to rule any of these things first. If you do infact have a sleep disorder of some type, no amount of supplements can fix these things unfortunately.  

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