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Very often, I wake up in the morning from a dream.  It seems to me that I am right in the middle of dreaming and suddenly I awaken.  This is without an alarm.  Is this the average person's experience?  If, regularly, I do not set an alarm and wake up on my own, should I spend half the day yawning and feeling tired?  I have been trying to figure out why this is and have been reading about sleep cycles, but I'm not sure I quite understand. Is there a period AFTER REM sleep where one is NOT dreaming from which one should naturally wake?  Is it normal to regularly wake for the day naturally, but directly from a dream?

Thank you for the question. So first thing, it is actually normal for our brain to have to wake up very slightly to go to other stages of sleep. Kind of like a stick shift car moving through neutral. And it is fairly typical to wake up for the day while dreaming (REM sleep). We have only a little bit of REM sleep in the beginning of the night, and a lot towards the end. These are part of the sleep cycles yoy have been reading about. At first yoy have a lot of deep sleep and very little dream sleep, then they switch off at the end of the night. You may be waking up at this certain time, because that is the normal time you usually wake up (does that make sense?!). Basically your brain has made its own alarm clock. If you were to continue sleeping past that last dream period, then you would most likely just go back into stage 2 sleep. Everyones sleep is unique to themselves (almost like a fingerprint). That may be when your brain is more prone to wake up. However, with all of that said, you should not feel sleepy all day. That is abnormal. You should maybe try taking the Epworth Sleepiness Scale quiz. You can easliy find it online. That can give you a gauge for how sleepy you are. Also, look up info on sleep hygiene. This can help you sleep better at night and get more restful sleep. If you still feel sleepy, then you should definately talk to a doctor about getting a sleep study, to rule any sleep disorders out. I hope this has been helpful!  

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