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My sister passed away a few months away unexpectedly. Since then I have been waking up all times of the night and seeing different visions. Nothing scarey just weird until last night. Most visions were of seeing my dresser shrunk and on my bed, or looking into my bathroom and seeing it like it was just a picture on the wall, or seeing something that looked like a path light on the side of my bed, or feeling like someone was pulling on my toe or with their hand on my shoulder or hip and rocking me back and forth.  Last night I woke up and it looked like a white teddy bear with black eyes was laying beside me an stareing at me. I just stared back and said what are you doing. Then it disappeared.  What in the world is going on? I have never had these visions or feelings before. It is really freaking me out.  Can you help me understand.

Thank you

The body and brain are supposed to awake together and go to sleep together, however sometimes there is a nano second behind and so one is dreaming with ones eyes open.  Things like someone chasing you or scary things happen.  Sometimes after its over you are so scared that you still look under the bed or around the room.  They are called hypnangogic hallucinations.  If you are finding yourself sleepy during the day, which is not what you complain of it would be a symptom of a sleep disoreder called narcolepsy.  However  otherwise when this happens its natural phenomenon and science does not know much about this, except we all have it at times in our lives and sometimes during stress.  I also never believed in another world until I myself lost my sister in 1994.  After that I would see lights turn on, sometimes even a glimpse of her.  They say the dead try to contact us in a way thru electricity because  they have so much energy.  I have come t believe that.  If it persists you can go to a sleep center and have your sleep evaluated.  They usually prescribe anti depressants to hold back the dreaming.  Which believe it or not dreaming is how our brains refuel for the next day, so one cannot stop them for long.  You could try avoiding three hours before sleep any alcohol, coffee, tea, caffeine, chocolate, caramel colored soda like coke, pepsi, and gingerale.  Also 15 minutes before bedtime take a glass of warm plain milk. Milk contains an amino acid called tryptophan which puts one in a deeper sleep.  Also too much caffeine can also make for restless sleep.  Also understand you have suffered a terrible loss whether close to her or not.  She is still a family member and it takes time.  You also may find going to a bereavement group may help or speak with someone.  My sincere sympathy in your loss.  Its been 20 years since I lost my younger sister and I had an older sister who passed away when I was only 5 though I only remember her casket.  I can tell you that still I can feel their presence.  However it makes me know and feel not afraid but at peace that they are in a better place and no longer in pain.  Should you start hearing voices then that needs medical attention as that could be a sign of schizophrenia, but I think right now its all just a new pain your body is trying to cope with.  Try the tips with no caffeine and the milk.  Im sure it will lesson and even go away.  My best wishes for your days of sunshine and happiness return to you soon.Feel free to email again Karel

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